Zombie Bites

Table of Contents

Series: #TheStoryBehind
In this series, I describe the inspiration behind my stories. I recommend you read the story before reading its essay.
Capitalism Is How Assholes Say Playground and Democracy Is Clueless Straight Dudes Choosing Your Footwear
There will always be assholes: people who view the world as their personal playgrounds. I’m pretty sure that unbridled capitalism enables these people to do maximum harm.
The Water We Swim In: Ambient Culture as a Shaper of Belief
I’ve lived in Europe since 2002. One thing it’s taught me firsthand is the crucial role the ambient culture plays in people’s beliefs and actions.
Stop Saying That
This is part of what fucked up the 2016 election, people.
Review: The Red Turtle (Film)
Either my google-fu has abandoned me, or I am, in fact, the only person who was disappointed by The Red Turtle.
Baby Got Bonus: Beeminding Your Way to Awesome
In 2014 I found a productivity tool that would change the way I view progress on my goals.
Anatomy of a Fantasy Magazine Submission
A riveting tale of obsessive rejectomancy.